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Intersections of Identity Roundtable @ the 2013 NASPA Conference


The second annual Intersections of Identity was hosted by the MultiRacial Knowledge Community during the NASPA 2013 Annual Conference, and the event had representation from nine Knowledge Communities, which included Asian Pacific Islander; Disability Knowledge; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Issues, Indigenous Peoples; International Education; Latino/a; Men and Masculinities; and Women in Student Affairs. The roundtable had over forty participants who eagerly engaged in meaningful discussions on identity conflicts, challenges with collaboration, and concerns of students, faculty, and staff members coming from multiple marginalized backgrounds. Some of the final recommendations were to provide best practices and resources for NASPA and campuses to address challenges of identity intersections; create structures for Knowledge Communities to more effectively collaborate; and to encourage student affairs educators to embrace and understand that identity is fluid and complex. As the one hour roundtable concluded, participants eagerly declared the need to continue the crucial dialogue and were excited to take the conversation back to their Knowledge Communities and campuses.

Submitted by Joshua Moon Johnson, Ed.D.,  Director, LGBT Resources/Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, and Non-Traditional Student Resource Center, University of California, Santa Barbara and MultiRacial Knowledge Community National Chair ( 

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