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SPOTLIGHT: Mark Mitsui, Winner of the 2013 Doris Michiko Ching Shattering the Glass Ceiling Award


ImageMark Mitsui currently serves as the president of North Seattle Community College (NSCC). It is a comprehensive community college of 11,500 students and is part of the Seattle Community College district. Under his leadership the college just completed a strategic plan that establishes goals for increasing student success, reducing academic achievement gaps and increasing the diversity and cross-cultural competency of faculty and staff.  The plan will drive the budget development process for the next several years.  NSCC was recently designated as an AANAPISI (and Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander Serving Institution – a relatively new type of minority serving institution) and was selected by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education to participate in the “Models of Success” project for minority serving institutions. The college recently opened an integrated services center (The Opportunity Center for Employment and Education) where families are moved out of poverty and into living wage jobs through college programs and wrap around support. State agencies integrate the delivery of federal, state and private resources in order to help low-income students get into jobs and/or through college. Over 40,000 people used the center during its first year.

Mitsui also serves as the Board Chair for the Asian Pacific Islander Association of Colleges and Universities, an organization dedicated to advocating for institutions with the new AANAPISI designation. As a vice president for Student Services at South Seattle Community College he led the team that secured one of the first six designations and grants in the US. The grant program went on to establish several initiatives, including the Asian Pacific Islander Higher Education Resource Center, a virtual repository of promising practices for serving low income AAPI students.

He also served as an assistant dean of Student Services at Green River Community College where he was awarded an “Exemplary Leadership Award” by the Chair Academy and was tenured faculty at Renton Technical College where he was recognized by his peers with an Outstanding Faculty Award in 1994.

He feels extremely fortunate to be a recipient of the “NASPA API KC Doris Michiko Ching Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling Award”.

Mark’s thoughts about receiving the award: “Doris’ example of leadership and her ability to break through the glass ceilings of higher education helped create opportunities for all of us who followed. Her example inspires us and is infused into the API KC of NASPA and the next generation of leaders who will shatter the next set of glass ceilings. I am honored to be considered a part of this tradition of change.”

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