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API KC Hot Topics 2013-2015


Untitled-1All NASPA Knowledge Communities are asked to present a set of “hot topics” that each collective will address, examine and discuss throughout the year. A primary purpose of NASPA Knowledge Communities is to provide an opportunity for NASPA members to access information and resources in a specific interest area and to come together through common interests in ways that support the NASPA mission. To support this mission, KC’s present a set of hot topics, compelling issues, and current trends related to the their interest. These hot topics are addressed through the use of technology, the delivery of educational programs and products, and by way of face-to-face meetings, workshops, and conferences. Although there are select topics chosen for each year, this list is not to limit the multitude of themes, concerns and issues for the KC, rather, it is a working list to provide focus and scholarly direction for each year.

This year, the API KC Leadership Team brainstormed and created a list of topics they would like to see as a part of our own KC’s hot topics. From a list of approximately 35+ topics, we have chosen the following areas in relation to our API Community within higher education: Mental Health and Wellness, Intersectionality and Multiple Identities, Professional and Career Developments, International Student Experiences, and Minority Serving Insitutions (AANAPISI).

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