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SPOTLIGHT: Vijay Pendakur


VijayPendakurVijay Pendakur currently serves as the Director for the Office of Multicultural Student Success, a department charged with increasing the retention and persistence of low-income students, first generation students, and students of color at DePaul University.  He holds a B.A. in History and East Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an M.A. in US History from the University of California – San Diego.  Vijay is also an experienced trainer and facilitator on issues of social justice and diversity education and has worked with colleges and universities throughout the country.  His primary research interests are Asian American college students, Critical Race Theory, and the implications of “post-race” politics.  Vijay is currently in the doctoral program in education at DePaul University and will be defending his dissertation, titled, “Making Racial Meaning in an Era of Color-Blind Racism: A Study of First Year Asian American College Students,” in the fall of 2013.

Fun Facts about Vijay!!!

  • He is currently working on two book chapters.  One is about race consciousness and Asian American college students and the other is about how Asian American college students might be uniquely primed to internalize color-blind racism due to their social positioning as model minorities.
  • He loves to play guitar and sing!  He would bring his guitar to conferences but he isn’t sure if that would derail my professional development… (he smiles).
  • He has a blog and a website! Connect with him at!
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