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API Colleagues REP(PRESENTING) at the 2013 NASPA Multicultural Institute


We are excited to share 2 presentations that will be presented at this year’s NASPA Multicultural Institute by our very own API colleagues in student affairs and higher education. If you have a chance to attend, makes sure to show support and tell folks to attend! Please see the descriptions below that give you an overview of the presentations.


Presentation Title: Engaging Asian American Students: A Focus on Activism
Presenter: Liza Talusan

Asian American students are increasing in numbers in higher education, yet have our practices changed in student affairs to be culturally inclusive of leadership, activism, and student engagement? Through a critical race theory lens, we will explore the ways in which current student development theories and practices have privileged certain groups and marginalized others. With a particular focus on Asian American students, this session will inform our practices and outreach in multicultural affairs.

One way to support our Asian American students is in empowering them to engage in both leadership and activist organizations, activities and identity building. Currently, Asian American students have organized to create and run free-standing (i.e., not affiliated with any institutions) leadership conferences. However, are Asian American students orgnaizing outside of our colleges and universities because are failing to provide meaningful opportunities on campus for engagement, leadership and activism? What responsibility does multicultural affairs and student affairs have towards building capacity in our Asian American student community? How do we expand this knowledge and experience outside of the racial/ethnic group to engage all professionals to provide culturally relevant and situated frameworks for leadership development?

The format for this session will be a mix of lecture and reflection. The goal is for professionals to take a critical race lens to our own leadership development and disrupt ways in which we may be perptuating stereotypes of Asian American students, how our own practices may be marginalizing them, and workshops/opportunities/capacity building to meet the needs of Asian American students on our campuses.

Presentation Title: Undocumented Asian American Students and the Model Minority Myth
Presenters: Dr. Tracy Poon Tambascia, Jonathan Wang, Viet Bui, and Breanne Tcheng 

In the summer of 2013, Dr. Tracy Poon Tambascia, Jonathan Wang, Viet Bui, and Breanne Tcheng teamed up to explore the intersection of undocumented students and the model minority myth.  What started as curiosity and inquiry flourished into solidified research questions, a literature review of current research, and not to mention a couple drafts for IRB approval.  We are currently moving into our initial stages of data collection and could not be more excited!

Our study – “Undocumented Asian American Students and the Model Minority Myth” aims to increase the understanding of undocumented immigrant, Asian American students’ experiences in college. The study also seeks to understand how this largely invisible population experiences the unique pressures of the model minority myth and the types of support services sought by students at their respective university campuses.  Through an analysis and critique of interview data, our team hopes to provide recommendations on how student affairs professionals and administrators can support this growing population of students.

If you or any other students would like to participate in this study, please contact us at (424) 242-9764 with your first name, phone number and the best time to reach you. 

We are thankful for this incredible opportunity to present our hard work at the NASPA Multicultural Institute in December and hope that you get the chance to stop by.  If you are unable to attend, but would like more information on our study, please feel free to contact us at


headshotPresentation Title: “Asian Americans: We have feelings too”
Presenter: Queena Hoang

“With the stereotype of the “model minority,” Asian American students are perceived to experience few, if any, social and psychological problems in college.  However, research shows that the number of mental health concerns faced by Asian Americans has increased over the past three decades.  This program will address the mental health concerns Asian American students face, as well as provide insights and implications on how student affair professionals can best support Asian American students with mental health concerns during college.”

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